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Babysitters Kensington

Find Babysitter in Kensington

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you search for a babysitter Kensington. Whether you need a weekend or an evening sitter you can rely on our caring professionals.

We carefully match experienced nannies and parents that need an extra hand while busy or on vacation.

We can connect you with the following childcare professionals in Kensington and the neighbouring London areas:

    • Babysitter for the weekend
    • Travelling nanny
    • Holiday nanny
    • Evening babysitter

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Why Choosing Our Babysitting Services

When it comes to hiring a babysitter in Kensington, there are few caregiving platforms that match the quality you will get here. Babysitting is for people who have passion and love for kids. And that’s precisely the major characteristic we assess before hiring a sitter.

At MyKiddy Sitter we don’t just take our clients’ money and assign a random person – in the name of nanny – to cater to their kids; we thoroughly vet our sitters before hiring them for Kensington babysitting job.

We will connect you with professional babysitters in Kensington who can guarantee that your little ones will have a great time while you’re away for work or any other important occasion. Our nannies are attentive and punctual and will ensure that your kids get the care they need.

Therefore, whenever you want to have a “me time” or attend an event outside your home, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Just browse through our database for professional sitters and nannies in Kensington and hire any of them. We can guarantee that you will have a positive experience.

Babysitter Rates



pay in cash directly to your babysitter



pay by card at the time of the booking

You pay


In total per hour

*We do require a minimum 3 hours booking period for Daytime and Evening.
*Babysitter fees are calculated that parents must pay a pro-rata basis per 15-minute increment.
*If you need to make a booking within the next 6 hours, please call us on 020 3289 8105.

Still Looking for Babysitter in Kensington

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Still Looking for Babysitter in Kensington

Our nannies and sitters create a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment for children of all ages. Be it for the weekend or throughout a school holiday, you can rest assured that your kids will get the attention and care they need. Here are some of our advantages:

    • All of our sitters have First Aid certificate and are DBS checked
    • We choose our employees after a personal interview
    • Hassle–free booking and payment
    • Clauses for confidentiality in every professional’s agreement
    • Our nannies can present recommendations from previous employers

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