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Babysitters Raynes Park

Find Babysitter in Raynes Park

Looking for a babysitter in Raynes Park? We can help you find an experienced professional matching all your requirements! MyKiddy Sitter provides various booking options – be it for a weeknight or a weekend, we can connect you with vetted and certified professional. We are offering the following babysitting services in Raynes Park and a number of other London areas:

    • Daytime or evening babysitter
    • Weekend babysitter
    • Hotel nanny
    • Nanny for school and Bank holidays

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Best Babysitting Agency

Have you ever felt that tingling thing every parents feel whenever the thought of leaving their kids behind for work or any other special occasion crosses their minds? If yes, you’re one of the beautiful creatures whose biological drive to protect their offspring is intact.

But here’s the thing; you don’t have to sacrifice your dream or life to ensure the safety of your little ones. All you have to do is to hire a professional babysitter in Raynes Park to look after your kids.

Going out to work or want to spend sometimes outside your home without your kids? MyKiddy Sitter has got you covered! We are a professional agency that provide parents and guardians with well-trained sitters in Raynes Park and its environs.

Our babysitters possess several years of experience and this allows them to provide customized care to every child. They give kids all-inclusive care and make them feel like you never left the house.

Babysitter Rates



pay in cash directly to your babysitter



pay by card at the time of the booking

You pay


In total per hour

*We do require a minimum 3 hours booking period for Daytime and Evening.
*Babysitter fees are calculated that parents must pay a pro-rata basis per 15-minute increment.
*If you need to make a booking within the next 6 hours, please call us on 020 3289 8105.

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Why Choosing MyKiddy Sitter’s Services

We understand that leaving your child alone even for a few hours is not an option for a responsible parent. This is why we are striving to connect you with experienced and vetted nannies and babysitters in your area.

Your little angels will get the care and attention they need, while you are busy or enjoying a night out. All of our babysitters and nannies are:

    • Polite, discreet and caring professionals
    • Have up-to-date First Aid certificate
    • DBS checked


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