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Frequently Asked Questions

General about our agency

How can MyKiddy Sitter be contacted?

For direct message or interaction with MyKiddy do visit our contact us page.

Is there need for registration to access this website?

Affirmatively, yes. The registration entails a quick and straightforward process with the view of accessing MyKiddy. This is much important to have accurate details and offer a swift response to bookings. Do register here.

What is the cost of service?

In consonance to our goal of offering affordable services, we charge a flat price of £12/hour with a minimum of 3 hours for every sitting when the booking is requested more than 12 hours of the start time. For Bank Holidays, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve our babysitter’s fees are £15.00/hour. Also, if a booking extends past midnight we kindly ask that the parent pays for a taxi home for the babysitter

What is the mode of operation?

It is simple and secure. Make a booking trough our online booking form and we shall select for the recommendation a reliably available sitter within your locale. While the sitter will show up at your doorstep after booking, it should be noted that her details will be sent to you.

What sort of childcare services does MyKiddy Sitter offer?

MyKiddy establishment focuses on different variants of babysitting and childcare services. These services include but not limited to providing permanent, temporal, spontaneous, auxiliary and receptive nannies to parents residing in the London environ. For more information about babysitting niche or nanny placement service, please check here.

What is the next measure if unhappy with the service?

It has been categorically stated that your happiness is our happiness and vice versa. As a result, we remain committed to offering services with 100% maximum satisfaction. If you have not received the service you had expected, please contact us as soon as possible.

Is there security of my details with you?

Affirmatively, yes. Your privacy is much cherished and seriously protected. Ranging from a secured website to the encryption of data, we undertake every bold step to ensuring your details are safe, and we shall never peer it with any third party for marketing or other pertinent purposes. You are advised implored to read our Privacy Policy.


All about our babysitters

How can my babysitter be contacted?

MyKiddy will forward the contact details of your babysitter to you once your booking has been
confirmed and we have ascribed someone to you.

How are babysitters selected?

– Background Checks – Every sitter has a verified Working with Children Check, a
government issued background check which includes a national criminal record checks
– Experience – All of our babysitters have at least 2 years’ professional childcare
experience, Reference checked and persona and face to face Interviewing.
– First Aid – Every sitter has First Aid qualifications to meet national childcare standards, so
rest assured that they’ll know what to do in an emergency.

Will babysitters cater for their transportation?

Yes, they do. Babysitters arrange for their cost of transportation with no recourse to you. At times, there may be the need for compensation for their transportation, and in such cases, you will be duly informed before the confirmation of your booking.if a booking extends past midnight we kindly ask that the parent pays for a taxi home for the babysitter.

What if babysitter fails to show up on time?

We remain committed to ensuring that babysitter shows up timely. In case babysitters fail to show up on time owing to one reason or the other, please do contact your babysitter first or do not hesitate to notify us (the agency)  quickly. We promise to address it and make necessary adjustments.

Can the period of babysitter be extended if am late?

This is exclusive to bookings in progress. If you are running out of agreed time, kindly inform the babysitter as early as possible with the aim of slogging out the issue. Babysitter fees are calculated that parents must pay a pro-rata basis per 15-minute increment. For example – if you paying £10 per hour to your babysitter, for the time of 15 minutes you will have to pay additional 2.50 GBP after the agreed time of your booking. Please note that MyKiddy do NOT charge any extra fees for the extended time of your booking.

What takes place in a period of emergency?

For the sake of clarity and public importance, it should be reaffirmed that our babysitters have
childcare experience and mature ways of handling emergency situations. In a similar vein, they
have your contact details and will duly inform you when in case of an emergency

Can babysitters be booked directly by contacting them?

Not at all. It may be impossible to book a babysitter by requesting directly. It would be a violation of our Terms and Conditions. A babysitter can only be booked through MyKiddy.

Is there a possibility of meeting the babysitter before booking?

Parents have the opportunity of meeting the sitter beforehand. It is in this light that they have been given the privilege to call or chat the sitter in advance of booking. Against the backdrop that sitters incur real costs, for instance, travel expenses, we don’t mandate sitters to attend a face-to-face interview without payment.

Are there babysitters with specialisation in newborns and twins?

We have babysitters who have a wealth of experiences in nurturing newborns and twins.

What will be done if I don't like my babysitter?

Please give us a call to discuss you embarrassments about the current babysitter or just request a new babysitter. More importantly, every babysitter we have is highly regarded. Otherwise, they will not be part of MyKiddy.

Who employs babysitters?

It should be carefully noted that MyKiddy Sitter does not employ sitters, More fundamentally, we only serve as a veritable platform to get relevant babysitters. Once a babysitter indicates her intention to work with us, she is subjected to our uniquely rigorous and standard selection process and only the best scale through.


Booking and Payment

Are multiple bookings at once possible?

Yes, this can be done through the use of the ‘Add another booking.

Is it possible to book at a few hours’ notice?

Yes, it is possible. This is also applicable to those that make a booking barely few hours before the starting time of the service. Please note that MyKiddy Sitter do NOT charge additional fees for short notice bookings.

Do you offer babysitting services at hotels?

Yes, we offer babysitting services at some of the leading hotels in London. Hence, parents seeking for childcare at London’s hotels whenever they visit should register with us (it is free) for your booking. In a related development, a concierge looking to get a babysitter for your guests should call us directly on 020 3289 8105

What surrounds the cancelation policy?

Against the backdrop that plans may go awry, we offer total refunds for cancelations carried out from the specific time of the booking until 24 hours the sitter is expected to arrive. It should be noted that no refunds will be made for cancelations made less than 24 hours of the sitter’s arrival, or if you booked less than 24 hours in advance. It should be noted that applicable cancelation is often displayed before you submit the booking. Equally, we will also send the cancelation deadline in the booking confirmation email which has the sitter email.

How can I change or extend my hours of booking?

While this may be inevitable due to circumstances, we encourage you to email us to amend your booking date, time, or anything els. We promise always to offer necessary assistance.

Can I specify the babysitter I want?

Yes, you have the grace. At the point of booking, we shall link babysitters with you based on your booking details. In a similar vein, you can shortlist babysitters you like and indicate if you want us to use someone from that shortlist. Upon this trend, if no one accepts your booking, we will try to suggest the best and suitable babysitter for you.

What is the duration of time expected to book ahead?

Bookings could be made as early as a month in advance to barely two hours before the time a babysitter is needed. You can make a booking 24/7 through our online booking form here

Is it possible to book the same babysitter every time?

Affirmatively yes. In the course of the booking, you may indicate that you only want to use the babysitters you have used in the past (if the preferable babysitter is available). We give premium to your desire to serve you professionally.

How can a babysitter be paid?

There is a specific 3 hours minimum for each booking.The payment method to the babysitter is in CASH directly and can be done on the arriving or of the end of the service.

Is babysitting offered for special events or programs?

Yes, we do offer babysitting services for special events, programs, and may even set up a creche for you. For further information, contact us directly through             office@mykiddy.co.uk if you need our services.