Babies breathe mostly through their noses during the first two months, so their little nostrils should always be clean, especially while breastfeeding. Have you noticed how babies sneeze often? It is adorable and so cute, but actually, they do it while trying to release the boogers. This is the natural way they use to clear their noses, but you can give them extra help!

However, they often stock up on snots, and removing them may look like a mission impossible. This is a daily occurrence, and its success of it brings huge relief and satisfaction for both the parents and the infant. But which are the easiest ways to get boogers out of your newborn? You need a gentle hand and a few simple tools. Here are five safe and easy methods to help you in this battle.
They are suitable for newborns and older children as well.

1st Method: Saline

You may not know it yet, but saline is your new best friend!
Place the child on its back and while it is still calm, which will last a few seconds, put a few drops into each nostril. Allow the solution to do its magic as long as the baby lets you, and then remove it.

If your child is older, you can also buy a saline spray. It is much easier to use. You can also make your own saline by combining 1/8 teaspoons of salt with half a cup of distilled water.

The good thing is that saline is not a medicine, it has no harmful substances, and you can use it more frequently, like every hour for stubborn boogers.

2nd Method: Bulb Syringe

Bulb syringes are a good weapon in the fight against mucus! Especially for newborns, it is preferable as it is super easy to use.

You need to create a vacuum by pushing on the base of the bulb to remove any air. Then insert its gentry into the surface of the nostril and turn it towards the sides. Remove it from the nose, clean it from the snot, and if needed, repeat the process.

To avoid danger, use good quality tools and replace them on a regular basis. The gadget can develop a buildup of dirt and even mould, and this can be very harmful. Clean each and every piece after use and store them in a box away from dust.

You can also combine the first two methods by using saline to remove the mucus and then the bulb syringe for the extra snot.

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4rd Method: Snot Sucker

Upgrade method #3 with an electric snot sucker. It works the same way, but instead of creating a vacuum with your mouth, the tool does it automatically. This electronic device will make the process simpler and more pleasant for the parents.

5th Method: Make The Baby Sneeze

If you don’t want to use any of those methods, you can try to tickle the tip of your baby’s nose with a gentle tool like a tissue. This might make them sneeze and release the stubborn boogers without you touching them inside the nose.

In any case, hygiene is the key! Clean and sanitise every object you use! Here are a few extra tips:

  • If you have more than one child that needs saline at the same time, label the bottle of each child with their name. They should have their own tool to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Use a new bottle of saline with each cold. Do not use the same liquid for more than a few days to prevent any further risk. You can also apply this advice and check all your medicines’ expiration dates.
  • After each use of the tools above, clean and sanitise them very well. Kill the bacteria before it starts spreading.
  • If you want to use bulb syringes, choose the appropriate size for your child’s age. Be super careful while inserting it into the nose of the baby to prevent any injury. Don’t go further than the tip of the nose and the side nostril.

We also want to emphasize the things you should not do!

Rolled-up tissues, Q – tips, or even tweezers: all of these foreign objects are strictly prohibited from being placed in a baby’s nose! Maybe you read about them as an easy target to pick up the boomers, but please do not apply these methods. There is a huge risk of injury when you put a foreign object into a newborn’s delicate parts like the nose! Just one second, one wrong move, or one shake of the baby, and this item can cause more damage than it will solve!

The internet is full of tips on how to remove mucus with essential oils, but please stay away from this advice! Although it is trendy nowadays, some oils can be quite toxic to your infants. They should be used for kids over the age of two. Eucalyptus is one of the great examples, mommy blogs advice on putting a drop on a cotton ball and placing it near the baby’s bed. However, only a very small range of this oil will do the job while being safe for your young child, so do not risk it. Better skip this tip!

The fevers last a long time, and you need to have patience and consistently use the chosen method. However, if you notice your baby isn’t getting better, call your pediatrician and arrange to meet them so they can make a further check.