Your newborn is hitting new milestones each and every day! Time is passing so fast, it is already a human adjusting to the world. Their cognitive and physical development is so rapid that you may find it hard to keep up and update your knowledge at every stage. If you feel this way, don’t worry, we got you! Here is the basic information you need to know for a 6-week old baby.


A 6-week old baby eats only breastmilk or formula. The daily amount is between 700 and 950 ml. They will probably ask for milk from 8 to 12 times per 24 hours, so every 2 – 3 hours be prepared to feed them. It is perfectly normal for your baby to make poop a few times per day, as well as just once!

Between the time your baby is six and twelve weeks old, you will move on to the next lactation stage. You will start noticing changes in your breasts as if they are not producing enough milk. No need to worry, this is not the case. Here is an explanation of this transition.

You will feel your breasts much softer and lighter, but this is a sign that your body is working more efficiently, making just enough milk on demand. During the first weeks of breastfeeding, the hormone prolactin was pushing your breasts to produce excess milk just in case, but now your body has adapted, making just enough! Be cautious. Even doctors can tell you that your breastmilk has dried up overnight, but this explanation is not legit.

If you normally pump the milk, you may notice now that you need to do it more frequently and collect less liquid. This is because you don’t store extra milk anymore, and as it is not perfect for expressing milk, it is good for the natural way of breastfeeding. Don’t be shocked and stressed over it.

In this period, lots of mommies are going back to work and need to step up the expressing milk game! As you are experiencing these changes with your breastmilk, you need to use the piggy bank method of expressing. It will not be easy, especially if you are used to having excess additional milk stored, but you will see the change. Try to improve your pumping technique to maximise the amount of milk you get.

Your baby is developing so fast. They are in a growth spurt, and at times they will also act as if they don’t get enough milk. Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal around the 6th week.

All those changes make the moms think about weaning the baby or including mixed feeding. They are concerned about the low milk supply, wanting to include formula, and sometimes it is needed, but most often it is just the fear speaking. Don’t take this step unless you are sure it is what your baby needs.

Weight gain and growth

There are no strict rules when it comes to gaining weight; every baby has an individual growth rate depending on the weight they were born with. On average, it should gain around 1 pound per month during the first six months.

Length growth and head circumference are also important to check. They start growing fast, and in the second half of the first year, they slow a bit. The average is around an inch per month for the first 6 months.

Some weeks they might grow more rapidly than slowly a bit. It also depends on genetics, sex, and food. Breastfeeding babies put on more weight than once – eating formula. If you have any concerns about the physical development of the baby during its first weeks, reach out to your paediatrician.


This topic concerns so many parents as the sleepless nights are super tiring for them. However, it is the way things used to be, and you can do nothing about it! Most babies are awake every 2 – 3 hours to feed.

At six weeks, your baby will start taking longer naps, it may sleep 4 – 6 hours at night. We don’t promise this, but it is quite possible!
The only thing you can do is adjust to this routine. If it is possible, switch with your partner, so both of you can get some rest when you need it. Another plan is to take naps with the baby as much as you can. Consider the dynamic of your days and come up with a creative plan to stick with it!


Prepare yourself for lots of tears combined with the sound of a baby screaming. In between 4 and 8 weeks, your baby is growing so fast, which can cause them some slight discomfort and make them cry more than usual. This is just a period. It will go away faster than you believe, so there is no need to stress. Just be patient.


Everyone has heard about colics, but are you really prepared for this nightmare stage? Around week 6, babies’ colic symptoms peak, resulting in increased crying. If you notice a strange discomfort or reflux, visit your doctor to make sure everything is going well.

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Infant massage

Consider taking a class on baby massage. You can get recommendations from your paediatrician. If you don’t have the availability to go offline, you can find reliable information on the internet. Try this massage on your baby, or even create a whole routine around it. It can have an amazing effect!


Prioritise the baby’s comfort, select only good and smooth materials, particularly for the textile that will come into contact with their skin while sleeping. Lots of parents don’t consider this, but their clothes while caring for the baby are also important. Choose an easy and comfy design and a natural, soft composition.

Milestones in the first 6-weeks

At this point, you will see the real smile of your baby for the first time. How exciting is that? It will probably come as a reflection of your own smile, funny facial expression, or the relaxation of your voice. This little human starts interacting with you, building a strong relationship, and sharing your emotions.

The little baby’s brain starts to develop, and you will notice it in their behaviour. They will improve their motor skills, start putting their hands in their mouths, pointing at items, heading to mom’s breasts, and begin to understand what is happening around them. You will start to feel their excitement in some situations, like feeding.

It is just the beginning, and those little signs of growth and change will be so joyful to observe. You will feel the reward of your hard work, so don’t worry about what can go wrong; enjoy life every moment with your little baby!