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Babysitting Jobs in London

Babysitting Agency Jobs

Are you looking for a babysitting jobs in London? MyKiddy Sitter is a service connecting babysitting professionals and families that need extra childcare help in London.

Why to choose us

MyKiddy Sitter is searching for warm and caring professionals who have experience in working with children of all ages. We are providing high-quality childcare services in London, as a result, we can offer some new opportunities that might be interesting for you. Our clients contact us for:

    • Daytime, evening or weekend babysitter
    • Temporary nanny – for school or bank holidays
    • Travelling nanny for family vacations
    • Hotel and Event nanny
    • Temporary nursery staff

woman and little girl on street

What to expect when taking a babysitting job in London?

After joining our list of selected nannies and babysitters, you can create a profile on our website. All the babysitting jobs we will offer will be at a reasonable distance from your address and the minimum booking time is at least 3 hours. If the arrangement ends late in the evening, our clients are obligated to pay for your taxi home. Some of the benefits of working with MyKiddy Sitter are:

    • Competitive payment
    • Flexible work hours
    • It is up to you to accept the job
    • Opportunities for regular arrangements
    • Working near your home

What does it take to become a part of MyKiddy Sitter’s team?

We are striving to provide a bespoke service to our clients, this is why we have certain requirements to the candidates who want to join MyKiddy Sitter’s selected list of nannies. We are searching for individuals who are warm and polite, but assertive when need. We appreciate punctuality, creativity and willingness to create a safe and enjoyable environment for our little clients. You will also have to:

  • Present up-to-date First Aid Certificate
  • At least 2 personal recommendations from previous clients
  • Expect a thorough background check