Privacy Policy

Please do not submit any information through this website if you do not agree to the terms of this agreement as detailed in this piece.

Each time you open up this website, some basic details are picked automatically to ensure full functionality and a hassle-free experience. We realize and accord full respect to your privacy rights. We ensure full security of any information you submit or allow on our site is safe. In accordance with your privacy rights, all information we collect is entirely under your permission. Please take out time to visit this privacy policy often as it is subject to change in line with business changes, website alterations, laws, or legislations.

This privacy policy contains information about the following:

  1. Our Company (MyKiddy Sitter Ltd)
  2. Our privacy commitment
  3. The information our business may need from you
  4. The type of information allowed to you
  5. How our business may utilize your information

Our Company

This website is a property of “MyKiddy Sitter Ltd”. It’s a fully registered company in England with the company registration number 11840499. Its office is situated at 10a Dalton House, 60 Windsor Avenue, SW19 2RR. All contents and materials live on the website are wholly owned by “MyKiddy Sitter Ltd”.

Our Privacy Commitment
We follow the requirements and specifications of the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) to make sure that we comply with data protection laws, nationally and internationally. Our principles for data protection follow these guidelines:

1. Fairness, lawfulness, and absolute transparency of all methods of data processing

All the personal data we collect from you are processed and used in a fair, legal, and very transparent manner.

2. Limitations on data storage and purpose

All personal data collected by “MyKiddy Sitter Ltd” serves a legitimate and specific purpose, and we’ll not hoard your information longer than we should.

3. Data minimisation

We only collect the updated, adequated, and limited personal information that serves the need for us and our partners to offer any or all of the services we render.

4. Accuracy

All the personal details we have will be provided by you and must be complete, accurate, and updated (if the need be). Necessary approaches will be taken to delete, modify, or update incomplete or inaccurate data.

5. Data security and confidentiality

Any or all personal details you submit will be handled and processed confidentially. This will ensure the necessary technical and organizational measures are put in place to avoid unauthorized access, accidental loss of data, illegal processing, distribution, destruction, or modification of your personal details.

The information our Company may need from you

You will provide us your details which may include your full name, email address, address, phone number, password and username, age, and other information needed to register. We may also need your personal description, credit card details, financial information, and your pet data, when you:

  • Agree to register with us and browse through our website;
  • sign up and create an account with our official website;
  • enter and submit one or more booking inquiries through our official website;
  • Place an order/booking through our website when we render the service;
  • Fill out inquiry or contact forms on, or provide details right on our official website;
  • Share your experience or give feedback to us through our official website;
  • Respond or follow up our marketing communications;
  • Interact with us via chat (we will save a record of it), telephone or email or;
  • Report any problem with one or all our services.

The type of Information allowed to you

Updated data related to orders; personal details (which may include full name, phone number, email, address, preferred advert medium, and audience; marketing communication setting; payment settings (which may consist of credit card data); inquiry and booking history.

How our company may utilize your information

All information you provide us remains safe, and these are how we can use them any time:

  • to oversee any account you have with our company;
  • to check and manage all your bookings, respond to inquiries and facilitate your service delivery by its provider;
  • to offer you all the necessary information or services you may need from us;
  • to interact with you regarding any comment, queries, complaints or feedback, you may have about our services or us;
  • to allow you to interact with our official website’s features whenever you want. This includes your online account, its features, our booking system, real-time chat support, and many more;
  • to keep you abreast of any changes related to the Terms & Conditions of our services, notify you about your accounts or bookings, and other announcements
  • to ensure that all our website contents are device and user-friendly for you;
  • to offer you information regarding our services we think you may like, via email.

We will not disclose your information to any other third parties unless specified above. The technical information will be used only for statistical and other administrative purposes. You should note that technical details, which we cannot associate with any identifiable individual, do not constitute “personal data” for the purposes of the Data Protection Acts, 1988 & 2003.

Any information provided by you will be kept in the strictest confidence, only authorised suppliers and personnel will have access to it. All persons with access to your data must comply with our privacy policy and adhere to our security measures against unauthorised or unlawful use of the information and against accidental loss, damage or destruction.

For more detailed information relating to data protection and the security issues surrounding it, please visit:

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