When looking for a babysitter to care for a child it is very important to know what you’re looking for. There are many kinds of nannies, from professional babysitters to friends.

Though sometimes it’s not so great using your friends as nannies, seeing as you never actually get to go out with them. Sometimes it’s best to go with the professional nannies. However, when it comes to deciding what type of sitter you need? You may freeze up when you see how many ‘nanny genres’ there is!

Professional Nannies

Now you may be a slight bit sceptical of ‘some random stranger’ taking care of your kids. There’s no need to worry. Any reliable sitter company has an extensive database on well-trained, experienced nannies.

When hiring a professional sitter for your child you will be able to interview the nanny beforehand as well as having access to all their previous babysitting history.

Types of Professional Sitters

There are many types of different nannies to choose from depending on your needs. Here is a list of ‘nanny genres’ with a quick description so you have a better perspective of what type of sitter you need:

Night-Time Nanny

A night nanny is a newborn specialist that is usually hired during the first few weeks following birth. They are perfect nannies for working parents during the week or parents who need a nanny for 2-3 nights a week so they can catch up on rest.

Live-In Nanny

A live-in nanny is a professional sitter that lives in your home and is available during most hours of the day and night (usually up to 12 hours of the day).

Depending on your agreement they may be in charge of washing your child’s clothes, cleaning up toys and preparing meals for your child as well as performing ‘nursery duties’. Live-in nannies are generally cheaper to hire as you will be providing them with accommodations.

Live-Out Nanny

Live-out nannies, also known as daily nannies work up to 10 hours a day during the week. They work during times that have been agreed upon in advance. Daily nannies can be in sole charge of the children and perform ‘nursery duties’, the same way a live-in nanny would.

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Holiday Nanny

Holiday nannies are perfect planners for your children’s amusement when going on a family vacation.

They plan daily activities to keep your child entertained and busy during the family trip so as you may take a well-needed break. Holiday nannies usually work full-time with your children depending on your needs.

Hotel Nanny

Hotel nannies are there to meet your alone-time needs. You can hire them for an hour, or 5 or 9. As much time as you need to indulge in spa treatment and massage without having to worry about your precious ones causing trouble!

Temporary/ Weekend Nanny

Temporary nannies may be hired from 3-12 hours of the day or for an entire weekend. They can be in charge of indoor and outdoor activities to keep your child entertained while you get on with work or just let go for a weekend with your friends without worrying about your parental duties.

Next time you need a hand with your children don’t hesitate to go and check our babysitting services in London and choose the type of sitter that best suit your needs.