For those of you who have forgotten the meaning of the ‘night out WITHOUT children’: it means, you get to go out, have some time together with your significant other, without having your children around you.

And although many of us feel guilty leaving the kids, some time alone with your partner is healthy behavior and makes your relationship stronger. Allowing yourself to have some grown-up time is crucial not only for your sanity and intimate life, but is also good for your children because it teaches them to be more independent from you in future.

So, after we agreed you need some time out with your partner, let’s see what the steps to making it happen are.

1. Take Your Time to Plan Everything

You probably know already, that being spontaneous is near to impossible when having children, especially if they are babies and toddlers. In the first years of your child’s life, they need to stick to quite a strict schedule, which inevitably transfers to your life and habits too.

That is why careful planning is a must if you want to spend a few hours alone with your partner. In the end, you will see that, although it is not a spontaneous act, a date night with no kids around can be a great bonding experience for you and your significant other.

2. Choose What to Do

Choosing what to do and where to go on your night out might sound like the easiest step of them all. However, you and your partner need to very carefully what to do on this date, cause it is a stolen time and it doesn’t happen every day. You need to pick a place or activity you both like, so you both are satisfied with the experience.

Many couples share that often the most uncomplicated plans work best for them. Going for a walk, having dinner, or even a drink together is enough for you and your partner to reconnect and have the time to talk to each other in peace.

3. Find a Reliable Evening Babysitter

After you decide what your dream date night is, it is time for the next step in the plan – finding a reliable sitter for your children. Some people say that seeking a suitable evening babysitter is a lot like searching for a good doctor – it can take a while, but you know it

will be rewarding in the end. We have already written a few tips on how to find the best babysitter in your area so you can go to the link and check our tips. However, the fastest and easiest way to book a sitter remains using the services of an online agency.

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4. Give Clear Instructions to the Babysitter

Many people overlook the necessity of giving as much information as possible to the babysitter, especially if she is coming to your home for the first time. But, if you want to spend all the planned hours out, without having to pick the phone every 15 minutes, you will need to give some written instructions in advance, especially for babies and toddlers.

Write down, and then show the babysitter where are the food, clothes, and medicines for your child. Explain which snacks are allowed and which is the favourite toy of your angel; give her the playlist that usually puts your baby to sleep. All this information is essential and will allow the sitter to take care of your child the best possible way during your Night out without children.

5. Prepare Your Children

You need to realise that once you have kids, everything you do is a shared experience. Leaving the baby for the first time will be probably more stressful for you, than for the child. But if we are talking about a toddler or older child, you must take some action and prepare them for this night in advance.

Your kid needs to get used to staying with people other than you – for example, your parents, or family friends, before you leave them with the evening babysitter for the first time. This step can take a few days or even – a few weeks, but it is worth it because it will show your child that being without you for a few hours is not the end of the world. However, it might be wise to stay at home for 15-20 minutes after the babysitter arrives, just to make sure they will get together. When the time comes – let your kid know when you will be back, say goodbye, and leave! Prolonged farewells can create unnecessary dramatism in this fragile situation.


And, at last, but not least – have a wonderful time, you deserved it!